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Steel mesh storage system by Master Klark is a state-of-the-art and high-functioning solution which can serve both as an autonomous structure for space arrangement and inside of closets and wardrobes.






Living room


Entrance hall

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The system is versatile, so it can be used in various areas of a house or even an office

Master  Klark

Benefits of our storage systems

Today such structures are very popular in the developing world: they are practical, light and easy to install, as well as have certain advantages over other ways of keeping things in a house.

Great exterior

Holes in our profiles are practically invisible and unusual smooth lines create a streamline form without right angles


A profile is closely connected to a frame due to its special shape so as to avoid slop and make the whole structure solid and stable


We use the high technology equipment to ensure quality of the decorative finishing and accuracy of the manufactured products

Natural ventilation

Mesh baskets and shelves ensure natural air circulation to keep your clothes fresh


All system elements are made of eco-friendly materials, they do not emit phenols, formaldehydes and other harmful substances


Mesh products will never get loose, as there are no joints. Metal is stronger than wood and zinc coating hardly ever wears away


Only high quality steel manufactured according to the GOST is used. High strength of the steel products is achieved due to steel thickness and grade


The storage system saves space, as there are no massive closets. Only efficient and practical space use

Favorable price

When buying from a Russian manufacturer a customer is not required to pay for logistics; reliability and durability will be a good investment

Easy to install

All system elements are designed in compliance with the best design practices to ensure easy assembly. No special skills required for installation


The system is designed in such a way so as to be easily transformed and complemented with any other elements depending on the changing environment


Ways of the system use are unlimited, it serves for any premises and the wide product range sets no limits on customer’s imagination

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